How do you feel

about studying English effectively,

staying motivated and

getting lasting results?

If you are excited because effective, personalized and brain-frienldly English teaching is something you are looking for, I'm here to help.

For 14 years I  have been searching for and studying the ways to make English learning more productive. Now that I have collected a lot of experience and knowledge, I would like to actively listen to you, analyze your needs, help you set right language goals and coach you along the way to your language success.

"Now there are no excuses.

You CAN make English one of your biggest achievements."

Zoriana Diak

I believe that learning English has never been easier, as from:

  • NEUROSCIENCE we already know a lot about how our brain works and learns best,

  • COACHING helps us define our true needs and pushes towards great achievements,

  • DIGITAL TOOLS make this learning very convenient and effective, as you can study from any place in the world even when there's no teacher by your side.

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  • check your current level;

  • find your motivation;

  • get an automated time tracker;

  • learn time-management tips;

  • finally answer question "When will I learn English?"

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